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Q: While cold pizza isn’t too bad, How can I re-create this fresh flavour if I wanted to reheat my leftovers?

A: Stove Top (recommended): using a non-stick pan over medium to medium-high heat, sprinkle a little crushed dry oregano in a pan. Put your pizza slices in the pan and cover for 5 minutes (or so) until the cheese is melted. Be careful to not burn the bottom!

Oven: Place on cookie sheet or pizza stone in a 350 degree oven until cheese melts

Do not microwave unless you want soggy pizza and a major disappointment.

Q: Do you have options for food intolerances?

A: Gluten: SPIN! has a gluten free crust, can leave off croutons on salads, and have gluten free flatbread to go with your soup, salad or starter.

Vegan: We offer a Daiya dairy-free cheese for our pizzas, can hold the cheese on salads (and switch dressings to one your tummy likes), and have a delicious dairy free chocolate gelato!

Peanuts: A: Our pizza has pine nuts and our salad line has pecans.

Q: Is your cheese pasteurized?

A: All of our cheese is pasteurized.

Q: Where can I find your nutritional info?

A: If you’re wanting to treat yourself, ignore the calories… you’ve earned it! But if you must know, the link is here.


Q: Do you deliver?

A: Our servers will deliver the best meal you’ve ever had to your table but with to go orders, we’ve teamed up with third party companies to bring SPIN! to you. Click here to order now.


Q: Do you have catering?

A: Yes and it’s perfect for any office or holiday parties. Just email us at [email protected] to get started!


Q: Do you have fundraisers?

A: Yes! We are proud to work with our community to help raise funding for schools, non-profits, local organizations and more! Click here to get started.

Q: How do you make your Neapolitan pizzas?

A: We use a special oven that is set around 600 degrees when in use. Because of this high heat, the pizzas only need to be cooked for 4 to 4.5 minutes on the stone inside. Some of our ovens even rotate inside to cook the pizza perfectly and without needing to move it around while baking.


Q: Where can I purchase gift cards?

A: Gift cards can be purchased in our restaurants or online here.


Q: Where can I apply to work at SPIN!?

A: Click here to join our team!


Q: How do I join SPIN! CLUB?

A: Want to join the best club? Full of fun surprises, a birthday treat that can’t be beat and $5 just for signing up?! Click here.

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