Local entrepreneurs who shared a love of Italian cuisine had the desire to create a unique restaurant concept featuring world class pizzas, salads and sandwiches alongside great wines and craft beers. That dream encompassed an atmosphere that felt like home and an extension of your kitchen; a place where family and friends could gather around for any type of occasion.

The menu was crafted with the partnering of a local James Beard award-winning chef. After months of trial and error and with the help of friends and family, a final SPIN! menu was created and the first restaurant opened in 2005. The fast-casual concept, one of the first of its kind, opened with grand reviews and long lines. The owners worked hard to ensure a culture of guest first service which resulted in locals driving across town with a demand to open more locations in their area… so they did.

 We are here today with that same dream of providing amazing food and service. We hope to see you soon whether you’re grabbing lunch to go, having drinks with friends, or looking for the perfect place to sit down with the family and connect. Ciao!